Sunday, May 29, 2005


After working yesterday morning and being too lazy to go diving in the afternoon, i took out the Hobie Cat to sail about the sound. This is one of the many eagle rays i saw (i think about 5 in total), i also spotted a few southern stingrays, and two small (4 to 5 ft) sharks (nurse & reef). All the photo's of the sharks are blurred dark patches, but this one of an eagle ray is OK - Check out close up below! (of course the afternoon was rounded off nicely with lime daiquiris at the bar - thanks Gail!)

Eagle Ray - Take from the Hobie Cat whist sailing around the sound

Below are some of the latest photo's from diving - at the moment we have a mystery fish - it's super small though so if i posted it, you wouldn't be able to see it - anyway - Rod is going to send it off to a fish idendifier and we will wait and see!

Last dive with buddy Gail tomorrow - then off to Grand Cayman for the night/day to eat chicken wings, get drunk and hopefulyl sample the delights of Stingray City!

Close-up Eagle Ray...

Arrow Blenny.

Arrow Blenny - Randy's Gazebo, Little Cayman

Diamon Blenny

Diamond Blenny - Randy's Gazebo, Little Cayman

Nurse Shark

So this was the first shark Gail and I have seen in a long time (2 months?!) It's not a great photo, but it is proof! Shortly ater this we saw a white-tipped reef shark.. sadly.. no proof, within eyesight, but out of range for camera!

Nurse Shark - Pirate's Point Reef, Little Cayman

Southern Stingray

Southern Stingray Hiding - Pirate's Point Reef, Little Cayman

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Missing England?!

So - last night it became apparent that there is one sure thing i miss about England. The availabilty of food when you are drunk. I came home last night, drunk and hungry and what did i have to eat? Pretty much nothing (clearly it's my own fault). I wasn't in the mood to cook a full pizza, i wanted something quick and snacky - and my thoughts were on a burger from Sam's van, on the cross roads between Festing Road and Albert Road in Southsea. That was a little far to go at that time of the night (i'm not actually sure what time of the night it was though!) so i settled for what was in my fridge - pepperoni. Another sucessful night of beer and dancing was had - though everyone always seems to want to go out and party the Friday's i work til 8pm and then again at 7am the next morning!
Anyway - summer arrived last night in Little Cayman, today walking around it's like someone is following you with a hairdryer on a high setting - i love it! Hopefully the weather will stay - the wind has picked up so it's perfect to go sailing and then drink lime daiquiris (the two go hand in hand).
It's a sad day today as it's Gail's last day on the bar.....

Monday, May 16, 2005

Me snorkelling off Salt Rock Dock, Little Cayman! Posted by Hello


I've finally found a good way to let everyone see my photo's with minimal effort! I'll put photo's above water of Little Cayman / Hawaii / Cuba / Thailand soon - and more underwater photo after i go diving tomorrow!

Hope everyone is well!

Banded Coral Shrimp - Mixing Bowl - Little Cayman Posted by Hello
Honeycomb Cowfish - Mixing Bowl - Little Cayman Posted by Hello
Caribbean Spiny Lobster - Mixing Bowl - Little Cayman Posted by Hello
Juvenile Spotted Drum - Mixing Bowl - Little Cayman. (this one's hard to see - he'sin the middle of the photo, just down and to the right a bit) Posted by Hello
Arrow Crab - Mixing Bowl - Little Cayman Posted by Hello
Spotted Moray Eel - Mixing Bowl - Little Cayman Posted by Hello
Hopefully i will be able to post my photo's here so it doens't take so long to download! I'll try one...