Thursday, July 21, 2005

In the clear.. for now.

So Emily passed fairly south of us int he end - causing nothing but a bit of wind, very little rain and a very high tide! We were diving again the next day - and below are some photos. There are currently no weather systems threatening us - so fingers crossed we might have a quiet few weeks! Having said that - we have been predicted 15 named storms with 5 of them being major - so we have 10 left to go - with three of them being major hurricanes!!

Spotted Drum

Sharpnosed puffer

Grouper in a cleaning station

Wind from Emily

Sunset the night of Hurricane Emily

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Nurse Sharks!!

OK, so i finally got to see some nurse sharks up close! Usually - as i'm the last one in - the first few divers scare them off - there were orignally four of them, and one was swimming away as i got to them (below) the other two stayed and had a little cuddle in the rocks.. awww. There's a couple of other below - a nice diving morning! Looks like we will be buttoning down for Hurricane Emily this weekend.. so things may go quiet.

Yellowhead Jawfish

We are unsure if this jawfish has eggs in it's mouth.. i was hoping one of the photo's would show them so we could know!

Spotted Cleaner Shrimp

I don't like this photo too much as it's out of focus... well that's not quiet true - but the camera focus on it's rear end instead of it's head! :)

Slender Filefish

Flamingo Tongue

Friday, July 08, 2005

Hurricane Dennis

OK so below are a few photo's of hurricane Dennis - in true Little Cayman style - we were all at the bar drinking til everyone stopped remembering what they were doing or what time they went home! The photo below with the rainbow was the start of the storms on the night that dennis passed us. This massive rainbow then every other sound was drowned out by the rain progressing over the sea. Very strange! We then had a good thunderstorm, lost power for a bit - drank more beer, got power back, got drunk and went home. Thankfully we have very very minimal damage (rain water damage mainly) - and the good thing about water damage here is that it's dry in a couple of days!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Squid Sighting

This is the first time i've seen squid (squids?) in Little Cayman. We were on the moring line at Jackons Reef. There was three but the the photo of the three of them isn't that good. You see them all the time here apparently so no one else seems to think it's a big deal!

So the week off was great - it was like going on a weeks holiday to a really nice Caribbean island and having the best time. Fortunately i get to stay rather than go home, but the apartment is feeling lonely without someone else there now (that's a really big hint for a certain someone to come back?!). So i've been spending time in and above the water - doing all the cool touristy things there are to do on the island. Of course we went diving, and snorkelling (and because i didn't take my camera snorkelling we saw a nice nurse shark), and cycling, and ate and drank lots.

There's some above land photo's below for a change, and should be some new diving photo's later on this week when i get my act together and get back in the water before the storm hits (no name as yet - but looks like it will be the first hurricane of the season). I knew there had to be drawbacks to living in the caribbean!

Sunset over the pond.

Morning Clouds

Candle Road Resident

4th July Fireworks.

Apparently 4th July is some sort of silly America holiday!! ;)
Fireworks from Southern Cross.