Tuesday, May 31, 2011

First Breakage...

Floor is not bouncy... :(


Project number 1... Study Ceiling....

Hey Jen!! OK - see below for the good old english "artexing"- not sure you lucky american's have this joy in your houses!! 

So, first Rob pulled off the tape that was supposed to be securing the ceiling boards to each other - and that made this nice mess. Rather than re-artex over the top, we decided to get rid of the artexing all together in that room by replastering the ceiling. Before / afters & during below! :)

Now we have to wait for a week until it's all dry before we can paint - will post the new paint job hopefully next weekend!




Thursday, May 26, 2011

In the nest... update one (no interent connection still)....

Hey Jen Wolff!

So - see photos below.... crazy huh?

This is the front and back of the house....

These are the inside photos:

These are our new flowers in the garden - thought i would preserve them on camera before i kill them! :)

Sunday, May 08, 2011


2011? Time flies.

We've still been travelling / taking nice vacations - but 90% working. And, the latest plot to hinder future travel plans?? Buying a house.

We are at a packing stage at the moment in our current house - see below:

It's slow progress - we leave in about 10 days time so there is (in theory) plenty of time yet. Unfortunately when packing the shelf up, there was some Bulmers discovered and that has hindered the rest of the days packing.... though the shelf did get finished (ish).

There are a few things we will miss about this rental (namely the cost!) - here's a nice example of what we won't miss:

The house needs all sorts of work doing to it - which is a bit a shame seeing as i don't want start saying things such as "no, we aren't going anywhere this holiday, we are doing the lounge". So we'll see how that goes - good luck with that Rob. :)

10 days to go!