Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Friday, September 16, 2005

Owen Island.....

So a bunch of us went to Owen Island for a few beers and fun in the tubey thing that tags onto the back of the boat.. thankfully no pictures of that - but i can take some photo's of my bruises if you want!! below the pack of drinkers is the lovely sunset we were treated to. Ahh, to appreciate where you are.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

People leaving... thank you alcohol..

So the time has arrived for Leanne and Neal to leave. Well - we obviosuly were planning on a few drinks to say farewell - sadly the drinks started (beer) at 5.30pm. They continued with a lovely curry in my apartment (tequila, vodka, barcardi, white wine & beer) then migrated to the dock to see fireworks, then the bar (champayne, buttery nipples, beer, wine & more) and then ON the bar. All in all a fabulous night, Heath was doing is last DJ job and was eager to get all the girls dancing on the bar and then was easily motivated to get all the boys on the bar.

Saturday was a nightmare. Up at 6.30am to check everyone out. owch. BUT - we are now CLOSED!! yeah! that means - as every other resort is closed on the island so this week there are NO TOURISTS at all. it's quiet. Very quiet. i'm topping up my tan nicely! :)

There was an excursion to Owen Island on sunday - i have some photo's but i need to sort through them before posting. At some point this week we are supposed to be doing a staff dive. maybe thursday / friday?

Bye Leanne!!

Lined up and ready to go.

Neal has been saying he can put 35 whole miny chedders in his mouth since her got on the island. Jen kindly provided the miny chedders for the task...

The miny chedders are DOOMED.

All 35 miny chedders are in Neal's mouth right now. Some people are so talented!

Boys on the bar.

After the girls were on the bar (thankfully no photos) it was the boys turn. :)

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Diving & England..

Ok so i was looking through my photo's and i did go diving before i left i just didn't update my blog. Below are a few photo's from those dives, and then some of sunny England - which it was (sunny & England) when i was there! :)

Two Grey Angelfish hanging out on the wall....

Fish in a sponge...

Lemmon Ray - this is actually the first lemon ray i've seen here - yes yes they are really common.

Little boats waiting for the tide to come up.

The mill pond, Emsworth, Hampshire, UK. :)

One of the Queen's swans...

May go diving tomorrow AM - depends how sleepy i am in the morning! if not then Sat PM, or Sun AM for sure.