Friday, June 24, 2005

Friday! :)

Some recent diving photo's below and one of a nice sunset last Friday. Not been doing alot apart from diving and sunbathing - the good weather has returned and we'll probably all be wishing for rain again in a couple of weeks! Should be diving next week - have a friend visiting who's doing the open water course - and i have most of the week off! Yeah! Photo's of the island and resort will follow as soon as i grab a bike and my camera...

Tiger Grouper in cleaning station
Big nasty barracuda under the boat...
Swim Through at Eagleray Round-up, Little Cayman
Arrow Crab in a sponge!
Sunset Little Cayman

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Diving Recently...

So - not been up to much lately - we've had some rain which has turned the island into a green paradise - which makes a change from 7 months of brown dead stuff. The rain has lowered the visabilty and couple that with me being lazy i haven't seen much recently or got many good photo's. There are still lots of juveniles around which is nice - and i've been looking around for smaller stuff. Anyway - lots of work next week - but the week after i have a few days off - so hopefully get some diving in and some good photos...

Slender Filefish (Juvenile)

Lettuce Sea Slug

Flamingo Tounges

I like this photo - although it's a little blue...

Whitespotted Filefish

Friday, June 10, 2005

Visit to Stingray City, Grand Cayman

OK, so we got up early and headed out on a boat to Stingray City. I didn't (for some reason) expect there to be so many stingrays, and i certainly didn't expect them to be so big.. or aggressive. They push you. It's a little scary! See photo's below, after much encouragement from Gail i finally put some food in my hand to feed them. Not funny was when gail grabbed the squid (food) and rubbed it on my leg/arm. That's when they try to give you a stingray hickey. Lucky i'm small and quick.
Had an excellent time in Grand, it was so nice to eat take away pizza again!! Gail and Ralph are now in Oz, LC certainly isn't the same wihtout them. Every here is back to normal - i've been diving a few times, but not seen anything spectacular, so no photo's - but there will be some soon - hopefully of above land - as soon as i get a photo of us at the bar where i don't look totally wasted i'll post it!
Yesterday (9th) we had our first named tropical storm of the year, only 9 days into hurricane season, with it came lots of rain - so the booby pond had water in it, and things are turning from brown to green - after 8 months of brown, it's a nice change.

Touching Stingrays...

Underwater Feeding

Undecided Feeding

Yes i want to feed you, no - don't come any closer.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Ok - so the weather has turned in Little Cayman - a perfect time to update the blog... but i've left the photo's upstairs - so i'll do it tomorrow! What's been happening?

Stingray City, windsurfing, and of course, diving.. photo's tomorrow!