Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Squid Sighting

This is the first time i've seen squid (squids?) in Little Cayman. We were on the moring line at Jackons Reef. There was three but the the photo of the three of them isn't that good. You see them all the time here apparently so no one else seems to think it's a big deal!

So the week off was great - it was like going on a weeks holiday to a really nice Caribbean island and having the best time. Fortunately i get to stay rather than go home, but the apartment is feeling lonely without someone else there now (that's a really big hint for a certain someone to come back?!). So i've been spending time in and above the water - doing all the cool touristy things there are to do on the island. Of course we went diving, and snorkelling (and because i didn't take my camera snorkelling we saw a nice nurse shark), and cycling, and ate and drank lots.

There's some above land photo's below for a change, and should be some new diving photo's later on this week when i get my act together and get back in the water before the storm hits (no name as yet - but looks like it will be the first hurricane of the season). I knew there had to be drawbacks to living in the caribbean!

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