Wednesday, September 14, 2005

People leaving... thank you alcohol..

So the time has arrived for Leanne and Neal to leave. Well - we obviosuly were planning on a few drinks to say farewell - sadly the drinks started (beer) at 5.30pm. They continued with a lovely curry in my apartment (tequila, vodka, barcardi, white wine & beer) then migrated to the dock to see fireworks, then the bar (champayne, buttery nipples, beer, wine & more) and then ON the bar. All in all a fabulous night, Heath was doing is last DJ job and was eager to get all the girls dancing on the bar and then was easily motivated to get all the boys on the bar.

Saturday was a nightmare. Up at 6.30am to check everyone out. owch. BUT - we are now CLOSED!! yeah! that means - as every other resort is closed on the island so this week there are NO TOURISTS at all. it's quiet. Very quiet. i'm topping up my tan nicely! :)

There was an excursion to Owen Island on sunday - i have some photo's but i need to sort through them before posting. At some point this week we are supposed to be doing a staff dive. maybe thursday / friday?

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etc. whatever said...

"Most impressive, young firewalkers."