Monday, October 17, 2005

Sam's Birthday - Owen Island

OK - So, today is Sam's birthday and to celebrate we went over for a BBQ at Owen Island. And some beer. And some wakeboarding. Sadly - there are no photo's of me actually wakeboarding, which is a shame as it's the first time i was properly up, for longer than a spilt second (about 4 or 5 in total!!!), after some burgers and sausages, we headed for land, then to Preston Bay where one of the local turtle nest was about to hatch. We got there just in time to see two turtles run for the sea and then about 20 dug up from the nest and headed down. very very cool. And, i know you aren't supposed to take photo's as it blinds them, but - there's about 120 turtles in the nest and as you can see there are only about 7 in the photo. And they all looked fine after the flash - carried onto the sea rather than wandering around stunned. :) Wicked day. Days like this are why i left England....

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