Monday, January 23, 2006

End of a chapter...

So it's been a while since I did a text only entry in this blog! Today is my last day in work (hence I’m updating my blog, rather than working!) - Effectively my last working day of 2006! We are spending the next couple of days hanging out and enjoying Little Cayman, Rob is hoping the wind stays so he can get some last windsurfing sessions in, I’m hoping the sun will stay out so I can top up my tan before heading out to a month of cold weather.
There's a bit of girls evening tonight - where if I don't drink to much this afternoon I’m hoping to get some photos, then we have a big night of delivery pizza (strange the things you miss on a small island, suddenly half cold, soggy pizza that you pay a fortune for becomes luxury!) and beer on Grand Friday, and hopefully some sunny beach time in the morning. I'm then leaving Rob in Grand and heading to Chicago to party like a rock star for a couple of nights with the Wolff, then Rob will join me and we will be slumming it in the 4* Hyatt Regency in down town Chicago (sadly, not a taste of what's to come!), then on the 3rd back off to good old Blighty. I'm looking forward to curries, Thai food, restaurants, strangers, fresh fruit and veggies, strangers, shops, restaurants, family and friends. Not in that order. Honest.
Then we leave on the 16th Feb - it's so close now! Only about 3 weeks! I can't wait to get going and see some new places! Hopefully with the laptop coming with us I will get a chance to update regularly with photos and everything.
So, Japan, Singapore, Phuket, Bangkok, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Auckland, Christchurch, Fiji, Raratonga and Tahiti HERE WE COME! :)

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