Wednesday, March 01, 2006

To Singapore...

Ahh, Singapore. Over the last three days this place has crept slowly up my list of favourite places... it's come to a halt somewhere near the very top and i'm very much looking forward to returning here after Thailand.

After arriving from a long 7 hour flight we navigated our way straight to the hostel with no problems. A good start! After dumping bags we headed out to Clark Quay - the place to be apparently (for those of you from home, it's kind of like Gunwarf!). We sat and ate some resonably priced food and expensive beer (of course, we're in Singapore now!) whilst perusing the many leaflets deciding what to do over the next three days.

The first day we headed out to find another hostel nearby as we also had to scout out somewhere to stay for our next visit and figured we should stay somewhere else to see what that's like, we decided not there, and i think we both came out of there feeling a little old. :)

Next we went to MacRitchie Park to go on a tree top walk through the forest. After we got there and walked about 1km we foudn a sign that said it was shut on mondays. Of course it was. So we ditched that idea in favour of lunch in China Town (mine was good, Rob's was crap) and then some muching about there... then up to Orchard Road which is a shoppers haven. I bought some trousers to make me look more of a traveller if that's possible, i'm sure they will show up in future photos. Anyway. From there we wandered back to the hostel and then showered and got ready to go and explore the Night Safari! OOoooo. It was really cool. The best bit was when we got off the tram thing that takes you around and walk a bit of the trail. There's on bit you can go in and walk about and see the fruit bats... They are massive! And i swear one nearly landed one me! It was nice to see the animals at night - most of the time you couldn't see the edges of the cages it was so dark - which is why i probably liked it better than the zoo.

Today we hung out at Sim Lim Square for a bit (slept in late - yeah!), had mexican for lunch and then wandered about in the sweltering heat. It's great! We stopped at the closest bar for some air conditioning and a beverage and found ourselves at a fancy coffee house with more varities of coffee that ever seen before!

Tonight we are off to get Indian food at a restaurant recommended to us by James (hi James!), so if it's crap, we can blame James! :) And we are of course packing. I think even Rob is getting bored of packing!

Tomorrow we are up at stupid o'clock to get our 7am flight to Phuket and tomorrow night we get on the boat bound for the Similan islands... everyone cross their fingers and think of whale sharks....

Clark Quay...

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