Saturday, April 15, 2006

Australia continued....

So we've been camping now for over two weeks. It's so cool! I love camping. Of course it's much easier the way we are doing it, but still it's really cool.

Anyway - we had some nice storms in Lennox Head and we learnt that our tent doesn't leak or fall down (bonus as next door's did a bit!). For the overcast days we spent our time shopping and more shopping, though we didn't actually buy anything apart from loads of food and a pair of fins each. It's suprising how many meals you can cook in just one pan, even in the rain! - thanks for the rain jackets mum and dad! Anyway- the stormy weather brought two very good things... one the surf calmed down and cleaned up and was then PERFECT for body surfing with our new fins. I didn't get any photos as i was having too much fun and didn't want to go back to camp to get the camera, but it was wicked! Perfect waves! And then - the second thing was the sky as we walked back to the campsite. See photos.

After leaving Lennox our original plan was to go and stay in Byron for a few nights, but after getting there and finding out how much they put up the prices for Easter, and the fact that the weather was overcast still, we decided to head inland to Mount Warning National Park and camp there for the night. The idea is to get up at stupid o'clock an climb the mountain in the dark, which then gives you a great view of the sun rising. There wasn't all that much to do there apart from this, so after cooking up the remaining spag bol and scoffing that we went to bed. At 6.40pm (people from LC, i never thought i'd find a place where you went to bed earlier than in LC!!). Suprisingly we were both asleep by probably 7 at the latest! Just enough sleep to get up at 3am, cook some beans and make some coffee then head up to the car park to start the walk. Very cool walk - we started around 3.40am and go to the top (via a not too bad walk of 4.3km then a 300m climb with chain to pull yourself up with. Basically straight up and very scary!) at about 5.10am. Just in time to see the sun rise. Well worth it. If you are on the east coast of Oz or heading here - this is a MUST DO. If you were here and you didn't do it, well, shame on you! :) Though i must add that if you do do it, and you camp at the Mount Warning National Park, make sure you wear shoes. Proper feet covering shoes. I got bitten by a MASSIVE ant (about 20mm long, you could see the horrible pincer things he spiked me with), which hurt. A lot.

(that pointy bit in the middle is Mount Warning)

From there (after we had climbed down in the daylight and actually seen what we climbing through and on before, equally as scary), we headed back to the camp site and packed up our tent and headed for the coast again. To Fingal Beach, a spit of land that comes out between the Tweed River and the sea, just north of Kingscliff and south of Tweed Heads. Very nice it is too. The plan is to head north still. Play in the waves, eat well and drink lots. Not doing much else really! :)

I actually wrote this a few days ago, from Fingal Beach we went north to Kirra beach for the noisiest stay in a campsite so far - next to the highway! And then on up to Main Beach in Surfers for a night out there. AND THEN, back to brissie to stay on the boat for a night before arriving yesterday in Deception Bay to visit Kelly & Mal & baby Aaron before the big trip up north starts.... Photos and updates to follow.

Although i have missed out our first (and lets hope last for a while) hic-cup with the car. Whilst sat at some of the traditional Aussie traffic lights (i.e. for about 5 minutes) Rob beady-eyed the temperature of the engine slowly but steadily climbing higher and higher. Luckily the lights evenually changed and we manged to pull over before we blew anything up - and it was a simple radiator hose that had split. After a push down a hill from some helpfull aussie blokes, and some magic worked by Rob and his multi-tool the offending hose was off and how fortunate was it that we broke down about a minutes walk form supercheap auto that actually had the hose we needed for our 16year old car. $13, one screwdriver and 25 minutes later we were on our way. A lucky escape? I think so! I'm off to buy a mobile phone and a subscription to RACQ cover when shops open Tuesday. :)

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