Monday, September 25, 2006

Day trip to Akaroa

One of the few things left for us to do here within the Christchurch region was Akaroa – It was beautiful! We picked a really nice day to go and although it clouded over towards the end of the day it was still warm. We had a nice coffee by the sea and then hopped onto a harbor cruise to see some of the local wildlife.

Rolling green fields and the bays in the background..

We got to see a couple of small blue penguins and some seal pups (very cute!), sadly we didn’t see any of the hector dolphins that everyone sees here as they were having a few days off (thankfully we had opted for the dolphin watching tour rather than the dolphin swimming tour as I’m sure I’d be much more miffed if we’d togged up in smelly wetsuits and had motored around the harbor for an hour looking for the dolphins!). A great day out all round really.

That, in the middle of the photo, believe it or not, is a tiny blue penguin hiding under a rock! Awwwww.

And that's a seal. :)

Sunday was spent spending money on stuff for traveling in a few weeks – I can’t wait! It was actually a lovely sunny and warm morning – but then around lunch time the temperature dropped from 22 oC to 14 oC in an hour! Fingers crossed the weather gets a little better for when we start traveling!

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