Sunday, June 19, 2011

Projects #3-5

Project #3 - "the big light"

So we figured a nice light in the blue room to make a bit of a feature... sadly - i didn't measure ceiling height when measuring if it would fit. So it totally fits width wise, but hangs at what can only be described as... "neck height". It's staying for now, until we get a replacement and whilst Rob figures out why there are 7 wires instead of 3!

Project #4 - Stuff in the blue room

Having found the one missing box full of the cables and remaining things for the PC etc - stuff is now in the blue room and the computer is working again. This room works well if you are about 4 foot. :)

Project #5 - Tidy grass out the front

I've had total grass edge envy of next door's grass edge so i've had to do ours...



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