Sunday, September 01, 2013

Project #37 - big set-back :-(

So - despite what these photos below show... we have to now take the walls back down, straighten the frame (or plaster out the walls to make them straight, neither option seems attractive!) and also replace the floor. A nice 6am start on Saturday was completely fruit-less as the tiler had to leave as the wall is *that* uneven. Booo. Rob did think about replacing the floor (as we had to in the other bathroom) - so it's not a total surprise.... but still. Urg. Anyway - here's the update...

 Walls up and tanked and sealed. PROGRESS!!

Shower base in - this is one of the reasons that we need to change the floor. It moves when you stand on it - not ideal. Worst than that... it squeaks! :-)

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