Friday, August 11, 2006

Still in Christchurch...

Wow - 30th June was the last time i update this. That's pretty bad! Well, in my defense not an awful lot has happened really. Within a month of landing in NZ we both had jobs and somewhere to live, which pretty much took up all of the month to get sorted. But now we have both started the jobs and we live somewhere proper (we even got broadband installed!!) we've been off doing a few things so i have some stuff to say to update!!

Where to start, where to start?! Well one of the first interesting things we did was get tickets for the NZ All Blacks vs. Australia. Very cool game, but not nearly as noisy as you would expect from a big game like that. Compared to the English both side's supporters were fairly quiet! Maybe it had something to do with the fact it was FREEZING COLD!!!!

The next thing we did was explore around Christchurch a bit more, this made much easier by the fact we bought a car (yes another one). So one of the most touristy things you can do in Christchurch after seeing the cathedral is the GONDOLA! Excellent fun. Christchurch is on the Canterbury plains, which generally means you can see all the really cool mountains with snow on them in the background because all around us is flat. Apart from the hills that are by where i work which separate Lyttleton harbor from the rest. You can walk up them or you can go up on the gondola like a pair of lazy tourists.

Christchurch & mountains in the far distance...

Lyttleton Habour..

From here we went back down (in the gondola) and drove through the tunnel under the hill we had just been on to get to Lyttleton and from Lyttleton we went round the hill we had just been on and through, to get to Sumner. Sumner is lovely; we even got a bit of beach time. In our coats and stuff. No, I’m lying a bit, Rob took his coat of and our friend Shiv actually had shorts on. Though he is a bit silly. No photos of that, i wouldn't want to frighten anyone. Haha.

Sumner Beach...

Last weekend we went to Hanmer Springs to visit the hot pools and see the lovely alpine village. Visit the hot springs we did and lovely the alpine village was! The drive there was also very cool as we actually go into some of the mountains that we had seen. We of course clocked more sheep than we could count and i saw a deer and a donkey (not doing anything dodgy, i saw them separately), there's all sorts of wildlife in New Zealand!

This weekend we aren’t up to much. We were going to go to Akaroa which is near here and really nice but the weather is super super cold and the people at work said we might get stuck there if it snows, so we've scrapped that. We might go to the mountains or we might go up the coast and see some seals or something. Roll on the summer. :)

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